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  • We offer the latest support for unlocking your eBike
  • Fully cloaked, invisible to Bike Shops, Dealers, Anyone
  • Display of real speed on your display
  • Display of real distance on your display

A real competitive matrix

Only TunedBike offers a Fully Cloaked Install with the Latest Firmware.
We also make it super easy to use, install and maintain!





ST Unlocker


No one else has a software only v4.9 speed unlock.

  • No hardware changes needed.
  • Completely cloaked
  • Works with the latest Shimano Version 4.9
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Features & eMotors

An overview of our core features, and a little bit of our roadmap!

Demo Video

Watch one of our fans show how TunedBike unlocks your eBike motor and makes a huge difference...
...even on the biggest 4.5 inch fat bike tires!

Watch the full video which compares riding with and without TunedBike software. Without TunedBike the annoying 18 Mph limit is hit…. but with TunedBike enabled the rider (even on a fat bike) is able to achieve 30Mph or 48Kph!

Unlock the potential of your eBike!

Your eBike is awesome, but not when you bump up against that annoying speed limit right? Download the TunedBike app to remove that governor in minutes, along with optimizing many other aspects of your system you may have not thought possible.
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