Learn how to unlock your eBike with a push of a single button!

Remove any governors that are holding back your motor from running at its designed speed and efficiency.

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Our goal is not only to have the best eBike tuning software but also the easiest to use. TunedBike firmware installs in seconds.

Connection to your eBike

For Shimano STEPS systems, use the Shimano PCE02 cable to connect from your PC to your display unit.

Coming soon Bluetooth wireless capability!

Open the TunedBike app and unlock your eBike with literally one button.

TunedBike will automatically detect your eBike, and with a single click allow you to modify your software to remove the governor limiting the top speed of your eBike.

Final Step: Restart

Once unlocked, simply restart your eBike and start enjoying your eBike to the full potential!


You will now enjoy your eBike running at full potential with assist to match any speed. TunedBike allows specific custom tuning, allowing you to boost the torque and output to more than 300%.

If you want other features, we want to hear from you!

Unlock the potential of your eBike!

Your eBike is awesome, but not when you bump up against that annoying speed limit right? Download the TunedBike app to remove that governor in minutes, along with optimizing many other aspects of your system you may have not thought possible.
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