Unlock the max speed of your eBike with the push of a single button!

  • eBike Motor support without speed limitations
  • Cloaked install invisible from Bike Shops, Dealers, Anyone
  • Display of real speed on your display
  • Display of real distance on your display
  • Display of real day trip distance on your display
  • No mechanical changes on the eBike necessary
Unlike competitors, TunedBike software shows the real, true, actual speed and distance on your display...
All this with no governed speed assist limits!

Change your Wheel Circumference Size

  • Pick any size between 500 & 3500
  • No need to adjust Circumference to modify speed limits.
  • Works with the latest Shimano 4.9 Firmware
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Support for Di2 Electronic or Mechanical Shifting

  • No need to contact Shimano or bug your bike shop to change settings for electronic Di2 or mechanical shifting
  • Easily remove pesky Warning W032 from your display
  • Works with the latest Shimano Version 4.9
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Easily Modify the Front Chainring and Rear Sprocket Sizes

  • Choose between 34, 38 or 44 front chainring sizes
  • Choose between 10, 11, 12 for the biggest gear on your cassette
  • No need to contact Shimano to make the change
  • Works with the latest firmware.
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New Cloaked v4.9 version is undetectable by Shops or Shimano!

  • New 4.9 Cloaked version of TunedBike is undetectable by Shimano or Bike Shops.
  • Unlike our competitors, the speed limit changes are not listed in the logs in any way.
  • The ultimate Shimano eBike tuning software is also the most secure and confidential.
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Features & eMotors

An overview of our core features, and a little bit of our roadmap!

Unlock the potential of your eBike!

Your eBike is awesome, but not when you bump up against that annoying speed limit right? Download the TunedBike app to remove that governor in minutes, along with optimizing many other aspects of your system you may have not thought possible.
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