Frequently Asked Questions

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Question 1

What do I need to update my bike?

Currently you need an adapter cable made by Shimano called the SM-PCE02 Linkage. Very soon, we will be releasing an easy to use App you can run from any smartphone to run TunedBike.

Question 2

Can I get a bulk set of license seats for a discount?

Yes, we offer dealer discounts in blocks of 10. Buy 10 seats and get 1 free seat. There are no special dealer requirements and no complicated dealer application.... we make it super easy.

Question 3

Whats the speed limit that TunedBike installs?

Currently there is no limit. However the torque will delineate downward exponentially past 80 rpm. Of course your bike motor will only go so fast just like any motor, don't expect to keep up to cars on the highway!

Question 4

Will I get automatic updates with new firmware versions?

Yes! Should a new version of the bike motor manufacturer's firmware get released you get a free update. This includes our very soon to be released version which works with the latest Shimano 4.9 firmware!

Question 5

How do I download and install the application?

We provide a download link for you to install the application after purchase. TunedBike is by far the most simple eBike motor tuning software to install and use.

Question 6

How do I install the tuning software?

At this time we only deploy a Windows application. The exciting news, however, is we're about to release the Apple iPhone (iOS) version of TunedBike. That version will not require a cable, and will connect via Bluetooth (BLE) and will run the most current version of Shimano's firmware which is 4.9.

Question 7

What about the firmware versions for other Shimano motors?

We support the latest firmware version for all shimano motors. e800 (4.1.2), e5000 / e5080 (4.4.2), e8000 / e8080 (4.9), e6100 / e6110 / e6180 / e7000 (4.6.0), e7000 (4.1.0)

Question 7

Are you looking for Distributors?

Yes we are! We already have a few, but we're always interested in more. Goto our contact us form or email us at

Demo Video

Watch one of our fans show how TunedBike unlocks your eBike motor and makes a huge difference...
...even on the biggest 4.5 inch fat bike tires!

Watch the full video which compares riding with and without TunedBike software. Without TunedBike the annoying 18 Mph limit is hit…. but with TunedBike enabled the rider (even on a fat bike) is able to achieve 30Mph or 48Kph!

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